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Fantastic Limited offer - Colorado mountain 5-Acres $400 Down & $150 a Month

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Original architectural salvage doors for interiors and exterior in a variety of styles including Classical French, Victorian, Provencal, Gothic, Tudor, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Mid-Century and Spanish Colonial—salvaged and imported from Europe and Latin America. Solid, true wood doors from estates, landmark hotels, palaces and other centuries-old buildings, with intricate hand carving, some with sidelights and transoms, original hardware and hinges too. Original window lights of stained, leaded and etched glass, painstakingly repaired to perfection. Solid wood doors with original and replacement hinges to guarantee a smooth swing while opening and locksets and hardware plus peepholes to ensure complete security. Double entry doors, Dutch doors, entry doors, security doors and weatherproof doors, all refinished and sealed. New doors manufactured in our own workshops to match original antiques at amazingly low prices. ***Click on images below to view additional items.